In 2020, the phoenix will rise from his ashes

Date : 7 January 2020 / Categorie : xxxx

A new year begins. This year, not only will Arthur become a hero again (a slightly geeky reference to the release of the movie Kaamelott, in October), but the phoenix will rise from his ashes. Here, I am referring to my humble person. The past few years have been more than eventful: Illness, depression, financial problems, separation … in short, the perfect mix of the guy who is not doing well … Not sorry to be out of it but at the same time, I’ve learned several lessons. Observations on this world around me, on myself and on what I expect from the future, from 2020, as well.

I believe I have made good resolutions. I have stopped smoking. I stopped drinking. I’m trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I eat less meat, more vegetables, I do meditation and sports to manage my stress and keep a good cardio (with my sick heart, it helps), I try to sleep eight hours per night, I keep a journal to clear my mind, I set achievable goals and above all, I try to live in a more minimalist way. I invest in myself and in those who are dear to me.

When I say that the phoenix will rise from the ashes, I speak at a professional level. 5 years ago, I had burnout. I could no longer physically work in an office building the interwebz. So I stopped. But what to do other than what I’ve always done? I opened my little carpentry shop. I went to take business management courses and I’ve setted up my business plan. This small business lasted five good years. My separation and the low demand for my products made me close but I think it was for the best. My financial situation was more than precarious and I had to find other jobs to make ends meet. I loved this experience and it was with a pinch of heart that I closed shop in December 2019.

Also, I miss the web. I never stopped doing it, to be honest. I made small contracts here and there and each time, I’ve realized it was really my passion. And that’s why I’m getting back into it in 2020. I’ve completely overhauled my website, updated my information and am looking for work in the field. This text is the first post of my blog and will be followed by one publication per week, on Mondays. Not always on subjects as heavy as my moods and news on my “thrilling” life but also little technical tricks that I liked in my research, music that I discover and things that, I think, are worth spending some time on.

Come on! New year, new decade, we put the pedal to the metal and we tear everything out.

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