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About Me

Hello! My name is David Bérard and I am a creative developer. This site will demonstrate to you my knowledge, my completed projects as well as my point of view on several subjects that affect my professional life.

Already, what is a creative developer? I am above all a front-end web developer. But I’m also very UX / UI focused so that the user can have the best possible experience while visiting a site that I produce. So I am straddling the line that separates the analytical and the artistic of the product. Sometimes I lean more to one side, sometimes to the other. In my spare time, I oscillate just as much on this thin line between technique and artistry. I respect the tools at my disposal and, at the same time, I indulge in the more chaotic “yes but if …” of the expression of the soul. This goes just as much to musical creation with my two groups as to my recuperative artisan side.

I am currently available for employment. Are you a talent hunter or working on talent acquisition for your business? It will be my pleasure to discuss with you and see together what I can bring to your company.

With that, I wish you a nice discovery of davidberard.net


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